Back in Zanzibar with the homies

I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long, long time. The three of us have shared so many stories, been to so many places together and enjoyed much of what this planet has to offer. This time, finally I’m fortunate to grateful to be able to share, probably the richest culture I’ve come across. Zanzibar.

What can I say… The beauty here is breathtaking. A prime spot to let worries fade away while slowly waking up to life’s infinite pleasures. To me, whether it’s walking around in the streets looking at arts and crafts, or playing football on the beach with the homies, or slowly floating on a boat on a crystal clear, turquoise water… It’s all part of reminding me who I am. Who we are. And sends me back home to me again.

And as if ordered, while sitting down at this nice café with wifi, enjoying some watermelon juice and espresso, my mom and her girlfriend randomly pop up. Yes, of course I knew she was on the island, and we were going to meet later, but this was a very pleasant surprise! We jumped and hugged as a funny mother-son tradition. One love.

Morten Hake

Mental Health Coach and Freedom Facilitator Morten Hake is for many known as the most sought after mental health coach for young people struggling with confidence, insecurity, and worry. He's passionate about motivating people to see their true potential and when he's not busy recording podcasts, making films or traveling, he's probably enjoying the stage whether it's a dancefloor or doing keynote speeches at a lifestyle creation event.

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