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As you know, unless you’re new here (if so, welcome!), Best-selling author and Clarity coach, Jamie Smart is coming to Oslo the 22th – 23nd of August 2015.

Here’s a quick video we did a couple days ago. I’ve also posted the transcript if you feel like consuming through text.


Did you capture that? A really good feeling.
We’re travelling to Portugal, and we happened stop by London, and we had effect timing to meet up with Jamie. We had a perfect like little snack here in this awesome mall and, yeah, I wanted to just like ask you a little bit about… I wanted to talk a little bit about the workshop and check in with people and like

hi people

so, yeah like what do you wanna ay to someone who’s been in eh.. been in touch with like eh been, been seeing clear.. hearing about clarity, maybe read the book, maybe they’ve seen you, your face around you know social media and this thing we’re talking about like, to like what do wanna share about like what do you…

Why do you want people to show up at the workshop?

Oh, thats a great question. I, I, my favourite thing. One of my absolute favourite things to do is working with groups of people, because when I work with groups of people we get to know each other, we get a feel for each other and it allows me to shape what I’m doing to individuals in the group and to kind of use the energy to create genuine transformation. It’s so interesting, tonight I was doing a talk for people who are learning to do public speaking, and a lot of the people who.. I said ok, who’s nervous about public speaking? Everyone put up their hand. I said, actually terrified of speaking? Loads of people put up their hands and that’s how I used to be. And I was just talking to them about, you know the funny thing is I said “Who knows how to talk?” Everyone put up their hand.

Well, talking, You already know how to do it. So what’s going on that get’s people freaked out about public speaking? Well, what they freak out about is they got all this stuff going on in their head actually, all you need to be able to connect to an audience, to be able to connect with anyone is just to be yourself. Just to be yourself. If fact, when you’re being yourself free from all the distractions and noises, clanging…

Whan you’re being yourself you’ve got everything you need. Being yourself, when I talk about being yourself, it’s about being who you really are. And the thing is, you were born being who you really are. Yet, you eh.. You were being who you really are when you were nine months old, and you learned to walk, you learned to talk, you learned to do so many things, and somewhere along the line you learned some stuff that kind of gets in the way of you being who you really are. What other things I’ve found is being together with you as part of a group is one of the best ways to take that stuff off your mind and just get you back into touch with who you really are. It turns out that the essential you the true you, the real you is the BEST thing you’ve got going for you. When it comes to living the life of your dreams, do what you wanna do, and..

You know I read a quote from.. eh, tonight .. just banging here!

I read a quote, and I can’t remember how it goes but he, what he said.. The greatest fear people have is of being themselves. They wanna be 50 cent or someone else. They wanna try everyone out, try to do it like everyone else, he said, but you get nowhere that way, you’re, you’re overlooking the one thing that you are, one thing that’s the source of your power.

So that’s why I love getting together with people in a workshop environment, because I get to spend two days with you, really just clear away all the stuff that innocently is taking you away from being who you really are. And as you start to wake up to that, boom, prsrt! Everything changes. So that’s why I like it and wanna reach out to people.

Trust. Yeas, amazing! Thank you. Alright, so check yourself before you wreck yourself, see you in the 25th and the 26th of JULY in Oslo, Norway, Peace.


That was amazing.

Was that good?


That was really good.

I had some insights.

Yeah, I was like!… hehe


Oh, it’s gonna be off the hook!


yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah

Yea. Nice!
I like your camera work. It’s very unobtrusive hahaha




PS. Have you read “One Insight …changed it all” yet? It’s my first free report, and I’d love for you to read it. I’ve written it to give you a feel of what Jamie will be talking about during the Oslo event.

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