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Imperfectly Perfect

It’s easy to go hard on oneself. Personally, I’m world-class at it.  I have big dreams, like too-big-for-my-own-good type of dreams – and deep down inside I know with unshakable confidence that anything I set my mind to really is possible. As romantic or glories as that might sound, it’s quite the trick of the […]

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Being Yourself – Quick Chat With Jamie Smart

As you know, unless you’re new here (if so, welcome!), Best-selling author and Clarity coach, Jamie Smart is coming to Oslo the 22th – 23nd of August 2015. Here’s a quick video we did a couple days ago. I’ve also posted the transcript if you feel like consuming through text. Transcript: Did you capture that? A […]

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How’s your lifestyle?

A little while back I got invited to speak at the Lifestyle Design Convention in Zürich, Switzerland. I gladly accepted and I’m super stoked to talk about lifestyle-creation as it’s been one of my highest priorities for the past 10 years. And finally now the last year, after struggling tremendausly, I let go of the strive, […]

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Intervju med Shogo Garcia fra

Summiten er DENNE helgen, og foredragsholderene begynner å komme på plass allerede! Jeg har kidnappen med meg Shogo Garcia (som skal snakke på lørdag) og rukket et kort intervju med han… Hvis du leser denne posten nå i dag (onsdag 28. August 2013), så rekker du kanskje å være med på gratis-eventet. Klikk her for […]

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