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Being Yourself – Quick Chat With Jamie Smart

As you know, unless you’re new here (if so, welcome!), Best-selling author and Clarity coach, Jamie Smart is coming to Oslo the 22th – 23nd of August 2015. Here’s a quick video we did a couple days ago. I’ve also posted the transcript if you feel like consuming through text. Transcript: Did you capture that? A […]

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#Unfiltered – You’re way cooler than you think!

I’m going completely unfiltered in this series… No Advice. No Sugarcoating. CLICK HERE TO JOIN if you want to… Discover your inborn core confidence. (Yes, you’re waay cooler than you think!) Become more laidback, patient and abundant Experience more passion in your relationships Let your creative monster take you over and give you ideas worth gold Have […]

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How’s your lifestyle?

A little while back I got invited to speak at the Lifestyle Design Convention in Zürich, Switzerland. I gladly accepted and I’m super stoked to talk about lifestyle-creation as it’s been one of my highest priorities for the past 10 years. And finally now the last year, after struggling tremendausly, I let go of the strive, […]

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