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Disclaimer: These are my unfiltered thoughts written down. So please expect accordingly. The post might miss a red line if you know what I mean.


If the book inside me is supposed to come at any point, and not just be an idea, I figured, I gotta start getting used to writing again. I used to write more frequently back when I started my website thinking I had to write a lot in order to get traffic. Which is kind of true, I guess. Now I’ve grown to discover more that frequency is less of importance to me as much as “quality”. I put quality in apostrophe because quality is relevant I suppose.

What I’m aiming to though, is what Corbett Barr calls Epic Content.

For me, it’s when an article goes from:

“I have to write something good for people to like it, so I get more traffic, so I sell more, so more people know about me, so I become rich and powerful, so that I end up in a certain place. And I’m sure this place is greener than here. So I have to write something good… now. I’m in a rush because this moment is not as good as the moments I will have after I’m rich, famous and powerful. Essentially, lifelong happiness depends on this very written words being liked. I have concluded that I do, in fact, need this article right now. Otherwise, I’ll be ruined. Forever. What’s the point of even trying, when I’m doomed in the first place. This article isn’t even any good. I can’t even take the first step, how am I supposed to achieve my happiness when it’s impossible??”


“I really, really… really want to share these thoughts with you! I believe I have something to say, and if you want to listen, then it’ll be the perfect matching experience! Be both want something available. It’s a win-win!”

Right now, I’m writing pretty much unfiltered. What I mean is that I’m not looking back at what I read to analyse it. Mostly because I’m writing this for THIS moment. The moment I’m writing. Not for bringing along a message. A point. No, just writing. In the moment.

See, I think that might be my key to eventually write an “entire” book.

That whole ‘book’ concept is pretty interesting. In this community of entrepreneurs, coaches, experts, internet marketers, bloggers and other social whores like myself – everyone wants to write a book. And not only wants to, but it almost seems like we all have decided to write a book, but for whatever reason, we’re magically not writing a book. We tend to wait. And wait some more. You know, for the time that’s…not…now. I suppose.

Some of us do write books though. Some pretty fucking epic ones. On the real! 

And some write OK books. An OK book I can imagine could be like a trap. I can imagine a lot of some 3-4 year-in coaches force themselves to write a book, as they’ve learned that a book is a genius marketing chess-move (which it is). Then write some permutation of all the self-help books out there. You know some form of “Do these steps, and you’ll end up feeling great at all times” type of book.

I don’t know where I was going with that. I caught myself starting to think I was judging others. Which might be true? But in the end, everything comes from good intention, and everything I say or write, I say and write to myself as well as you. We all do that to some extent I think. Since we’re both the observer and the observed, I cannot say something to anyone that I’m not also saying to/about myself on some level.

Anyways, what was I saying? Oh, yeah. Books!

Yeah, ‘the OK book’ I can imagine being a trap, since the publisher creating fine art, but also knowing it could have been so much better. Better being relevant, of course.

I guess this thought train boils down to the realisation that no matter what book you, me or anyone writes, the odds are we’re gonna feel at some point like it could have been better.

Well, then that’s pretty cool. If I know that now. Then I know I might experience that. Realising that helps me understand. After writing this, I start recognising that the experience of writing a book might very possibly consist of an element of “failure”. Maybe failure isn’t the best word to describe, but knowing there’s a high chance I’ll have some sort of thoughts about that the book could have been better – increases my chances of writing.


Less fear. Fear is just unknown thoughts. Insecure thoughts. Unknown territory. So, identifying that specific possible outcome actually boxed in that fear, and it became a bit more identified. A bit more known. First step of getting used to it.

Just like I’m used to being on stage now. Being on stage used to be unknown territory. Now it’s more known. More identified.


Sharing the new paradigm of psychology at the Lifestyle Design Convention

Sharing the new paradigm of psychology at the Lifestyle Design Convention

You wanna know what I’m thinking my book will be?

I got a few ideas.

I definitely wanna write a book on seduction. I wanna write about the tension, polarity, fascinating differences between men and women. I wanna write about all the exciting encounters I have with women. Those moments are like fuel to me. For example, if I’m stuck in a thought-pattern of some insecure thoughts, I can meet eyes with a beautiful girl, and my entire experience is changed.

All of a sudden, it’s like I’m turned on you know. hahaha, I just realised what I wrote! But yeah. Turned on. Filled with energy, you know. Obviously my body is shooting out all kinds of drugs..


I live for those moments, and I wanna write about them. I wanna share them with guys who’s lost their way into a cubicle somewhere. 8 hours a day 5 days a week. Sometimes I wanna shake guys and scream, YOU’RE MISSING OUT!!!

When we’re IN that ‘code-monkey’-state, we’re not even realising there’s a full-on world out there!

The cubicle of IKEA-furniture life experience is blocking the view of the wonderful life that’s just outside. When the view is blocked, the view is blocked. It’s not easy when it’s hard, you know.

Lol, I have my headphones on here in the cafe, and I just gambled out a fart that might not have been as silent as I hoped.. Those moments^^


It’s not easy when it’s hard. It’s not hard when it’s easy.

Any circumstance could be experienced from both views.

For me, it’s pretty easy to meet and flirt with women. Whilst, before, it used to be pretty hard. If I knew what I did today, then, I would have known how easy it can be. However, I didn’t know.

It’s all in the knowledge though.

It boils down to knowledge me lad!


And let me tell you. To paraphrase DiCaprio in Wolf of Wallstreet; I’ve been poor and I’ve been rich. I’d choose rich every time. (hm.. was is actually from there? …)

It’s been a struggle meeting women, and it’s been an ease. I’d choose the ladder every time.

Du-uh, right?

Yeah, well. I never promised you anything, so fuck you. hahahhha

Fuck you in the best way!

Fuck you will one day be a celebration!

An awesome chick named Mira we met at the customs the other day had a quote on her phone:

“Love the world before you fuck it.”

which I think was a friggin awesome quote. To me, it points to the “check yourself before you wreck yourself” mentality. Let common sense guide you. Stay politely crazy. Everything in moderation. Not too anything. And too everything at the same time.

Living on your best edge – whatever that is for you.

It’s really not about trying to figure out anything.

Music break.

Whatever you’re trying to figure out, it’s already pre out-figured. Done. Close. Bottom line. Capitalized, Underline and Italic dat shiet.

btw, If you wanna get in on part of my experience right now, I’m listening to “In Vein” by Rick Ross. I recommend the song. The Weeknd singing “It makes me smiiiiile… Cause I goooot iiiiiiiitt” and I imagine I can feel how he felt while writing the lyrics. The song says it all. Then when Rick kicks in, a soft, sexy guitar-solo hits you right in the gutter! Art.

While I’m here I might as well continue writing. Who know’s maybe I suddenly write something I wanna have in the book.

“So what can the title be?”

I have been playing with some titles.

Gotta move downstairs for power outlet.


Got an idea. How about you vote on what title that resonates best with you? I might not even use either of them to be honest, but still, it’ll be interesting to see what you think 🙂

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Here’s a cool idea. I wanna have girls I’ve met to write their experience of our first meeting. So I’ll write my version of it, and the girl writes her version. Wouldn’t that be interesting to read?! I think so. Even do the same on video. I could easily do that!

I can feel I’m getting more and more inspired, motivated and ready to produce lot’s of videos. I love focusing on the content-creation. Creation in general is in my blood. I wanna, and probably gonna make lots of videos in 2015. Everything from montage-style wisdom-clips like Rabbe does,

excuse me, just want to send a song to Andrew. (Andrew, check your Spofity).

…to social experiments, maybe sketches, definitely vlogs and colabs with other YouTube creators. I’ve been looking at YouTube Space in LA for a while now, and California is calling. Hollywood is calling!

I might as well take it all out while I’m riding this wave, right?

I think so.

I am confident I have value to share, so I won’t just sit on the sideline and watch, if you know what I mean.

I know you got value to share as well. See it’s all about uniqueness. You are uniquely you. And people connect with you, the more you show up as you… You dig? ^^,

It’s kinda silly even saying it, because you cannot not be you, you know. So you’re already all good. This is you. This moment. This experience. Your experience. Your lens. Your world-view.

Can you share that world-view?

I believe sharing is the essence of positive innovation in this world.

Dalai Lama once said…

Share your knowledge. It is a way to achieve immortality. – Dalai Lama

I feel fortunate being well-traveled, and I’m SO grateful for my mom taking 4(!) kids to Africa when I was 10 yeas old back in 1998. Can you imagine? Travelling have taught me a shit load of things. And more importantly, it got me excited about new experiences in general.

A curiosity for other world-views. A curiosity for other ways of thinking. Curiosity for the other persons view of life. Opening.

Sharing. Sharing fuels curiosity and curiosity fuels sharing.

Feel free to share!

Whatever you’re sharing, there’s gonna be someone (probably many) that will resonate with you. The more personal, the more universal.

However, if you don’t feel like sharing. Then for gods sake, don’t share! 🙂

Why even say that?

Since I can never know exactly how you’re interpreting what I write. You might think “Fuck, does that mean I must share, even though I don’t want to”. But that’s not what I mean. You ‘must’ not do anything.

And while there’s REALLY nothing you must do here in life…

The beauty is that You CAN do anything. You really can.

You’re free to do exactly what the fuck you want.

No, seriously. let that sink in..

There are consequences for whatever you do, yes. That’s the game. You’re in the game, wether you choose to or not. Every time you don’t take that risk you considered, that chance, that opportunity. Then, you’re at the same time choosing to not do it – which is in fact doing something. And there will be consequences of that action.

We’re shitty at predicting the future.

We think we know that “If we do X, then Y will definitely happen. For sure”.

We’re generally wrong. The future is the future. It’s outside our knowledge.

Another quote Mira shared (pretty fucking cool girl!);

“Tomorrow never happens. It’s all the same fucking day, man.” – Janis Joplin

Get it?

We have this concept of ‘tomorrow’. But it’s just a concept. We’re making as much sense as possible… of something outside of our sense; Time.


Whaaaat??? TIME! What the fuck does that even MEAN?

We can somewhat measure it, by counting a certain rhythm of life unfolding I suppose. But we cannot perceive the origin of time. We don’t actually get what time is.

Lot’s of movies point to this: Interstellar, Inception, Lucy, +++

Time + Form = Life. Nothing turning into something with this time-thing in the equation. Life is unfolding, something from nothing. Formless to form. Experienced with our consciousness. Experienced by us with our understanding of life. We understand things with time in the equation.

So how are you seeing the time of your life? Good times? or bad times? I’m here to tell you both views are available at any moment – And you’ll go in and out of both views on a regular basis. That’s nature. 

Sometimes you see a view that feels good. You experience a good experience. Sometimes you see a view that feels like a struggle. You experience a bad experience.

Both experiences are just that.

An experience.

In any moment, you’re actually just feeling. You’re not feeling the circumstance.

You’re feeling your own thought-generated experience of whatever’s happening.

Get it?

This is a principle. Like candles on a date, it always works. 100% of the time. ^^,

Apparently, life works from the inside-out. Not outside-in.

Your entire experience of whats happening is both manifested and perceived by you – at the same time. 

You experience life from the inside-out.

Yes! Like the thoughts you had when you were a kid. When you were wondering if you were being filmed like Jim Carrey in The Truman Show. When you were wondering if you were the only one in this universe, and everyone else didn’t really exist.

Now, I’m not saying others don’t exist. What I AM saying however, is that your entire experience of what happens is created by thought taking form in the moment.

Just like a proper honest, brainwashed citizen nowadays fears that there’s someone, usually referred to as “they”, watching their every move. Big Brother ‘n all that.

News-flash; Your entire thought-processes surrounding that idea in the first place is completely made up by and for you. You’re swimming in a pool. The pool being you. 

You are the answer you’re seeking. 

It’s a paradox. We’re living in this thought-created illusion made perfect for us to buy into.

We’re experiencing our own view in the moment. And we’re apparently supposed to buy into it – all the time. It looks real to us. It looks like we’re feeling something out there. That’s how it’s set up. It’s apparently meant to be like that. 

So when we feel bad, it looks like it comes from a circumstance.

When we do anything. All the time. We buy into this illusion. And for that reason it’s as real as it is an illusion.

  • When we’re feeling hurt, we’re feeling our though-generated experience moment to moment.
  • When we’re curious, we’re feeling our though-generated experience moment to moment.
  • When we have sex, we’re feeling our though-generated experience moment to moment.
  • When we’re angry we’re feeling our though-generated experience moment to moment.
  • When we’re in the zone, we’re feeling our though-generated experience moment to moment.
  • When we’re doing the dishes, we’re feeling our though-generated experience moment to moment.
  • When we fall in love, we’re feeling our though-generated experience moment to moment.
  • When we’re meditating, we’re feeling our though-generated experience moment to moment.
  • When we’re dancing, we’re feeling our though-generated experience moment to moment.
  • When we’re bored, we’re feeling our though-generated experience moment to moment.
  • That one time you were used, abused and taken for granted, you were feeling your though-generated experience moment to moment.
  • That other time you got a standing ovation, you were feeling your though-generated experience moment to moment.
  • That time you postponed in fear of failure or rejection, you were feeling your though-generated experience moment to moment.

Right now in these very moments that are passing right now, you’re living in the feeling of thought taking form.



even now

This is great news!


When understanding where our experience is coming from, it makes our thought-traps well… just that. Thought-traps. Thought-monsters.

Like Michael Neill said in this ridiculously awesome TED-talk; There’s a huge difference between an imagined monster that’s gonna eat you, and an actual monster that’s gonna eat you.

In fact, it’s all the difference.


Signatur-Morten Haugum Hake

PS. Share-thought! 

PPS. I had no other intention with this post other than playing with words and training my book-writing. Apparently it’s a great way to begin and it ended up being some food for thought. Cheers!

PPPS. Right NOW, when releasing these words, we just launched The Trust Box Membership site which is an exclusive masterclass where we’ll explore a deeper understanding of the inside-out nature of reality. In the membership I’ll be doing everything in my power (together with the homies) to give you the same insight I had in 2013. Trust me, you do not want to miss out of this! Click here to read all about it.

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