Finishing the first bungalow in Zanzibar within the summer!

Eva Svärd, you’ve inspired me. Øystein, you’ve inspired me. Fred, you’ve inspired me. Luke, you’ve inspired me. Petter Erik, Maria, and Tess, you’ve inspired me, and Steve Pavlina you’ve really inspired me to take action on writing and creating more value again!  

I’m at the rooftop at my current residence in Zanzibar overlooking the Indian Ocean, currently, with a bright, one hundred percent full-moon, lighting up the sky. It’s late, but not too late, and I’m sharing company with Feti, an absolute gem of beauty from the north of Tanzania. Life is good.

Today started slower than usual lately. A well-needed rest after some busy days was due, and I feel great. My friend asked me to borrow my car for a couple of days. I suggested we trade his electric scooter with my car, and the weekend has been set.  

It’s fun to ride an electric scooter because it makes no sound. Perfect for this place. Cruise through the pathways of sand between the palms in Jambiani is something only a few of us have had the privilege to discover. It’s a breeze, let me tell you. 

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We went to New Teddy’s On The Beach, a chill guesthouse on the beach where the energy is laid-back and you don’t feel forced to act a certain way. They have OK internet and they’ve thought about some details people like me appreciate. Like, the original touch to their smoothies, a cold-water dispenser for next-to-free, and of course the pool (although I swim mostly in the ocean!)

I used my phone as my business weapon of choice today, and I noticed I can get remarkably much done, simply on my phone. When I don’t have ‘the rig’ from back home (an iMac) – I get creative in different ways, and it seems healthy for my creative output. Some fresh, new brain pathways needed to be carved out to arrive at the same goals. 

I had a quick errand bringing a guy through the plot to give me a quote for digging a well. The mission is to move into the bungalow before the summer. I don’t necessarily need a well right now to do that, because I’m connected to the main water pipe, and I have a 2000L water tank as a buffer, but the extra water supply is still a very smart thing to have.

The challenge is that right now, pretty much 90% of my money is staked in HEX, which means they are time-locked directly in a smart contract on the Etherium (and soon Pulsechain) blockchain until the date in the future which I decided when I made the investment. I’ve made a «staking-ladder» and split the investment into smaller increments from 1-15 years. 

This means I get bigger paydays, but also more rarely. A great way of delaying gratification, which also trains not only my patience (money frequently flow from the impatient to the patient) but also gives me the gift (and advantage!) of both having the financial abundance and at the same time having to bring out the hungry, creative, street-smart entrepreneur in me that can get lazy when I, for example, sell my soul for a steady paycheck in a 9-5 in the illusion of «job security». In other words, I’m comfortably uncomfortable, and it reaps progress.

Seriously bud, when we’re talking about working for someone else and having a J.O.B. (Just Over Broke), I gotta remind you that we’ve been riding this industrialized humans-are-a-clog-in-a-corporate-machine for a few decades too long now. And we all know it. It’s taking part in ruining our planet, our health, and our ability to think for ourselves. It’s time for you, me, and whoever wants to be on the right side of evolution to step up and free ourselves from the prison of false evidence appearing to be real (f-e-a-r), and rise! Associated with the sun, a phoenix obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor. The fabel, the metaphor is about you, the protagonist of your life, and you know it!

Always, always, always remember that you are free. You are free, always. 

I met my friend Haule – Which I made a couple of songs with walking along the road with his monkey. Yeah, with his monkey.


This guy though 🐒 (he’s also an artist; )

♬ Calm Down – Rema

Last week a couple of documentary-makers contacted me and asked if they could use some of the footage from the vlog I made with Tess during Anarchapulco 2018 (video below). I really connected with the director and her values. They are making a documentary about freedom, so no wonder we hit it off. I sent her my (unfinished) video (also below) about the community project I’m doing here in Zanzibar, and she got so excited about it that she showed it to Jeff Berwick, the organizer of the Anarchapulco conference, a known libertarian and from what I know, a cryptocurrency multi-millionaire (or billionaire??). We have been in contact before once, and he got interested in talking with me about what I’m doing, so I’m really excited about what that will result in.

During reconnecting with Jeff, I tried to update myself on his late content. The only proper video I found of him was from 2018 when he spoke in, what I was surprised to see was Liberland! I met Vit, the president of Liberland back in 2016-17(?) during my talk at the Gran Canaria BizWeek – which again led me to the BitSpace Cryptofinans 2017 that I attended with Navid (another synchronicity that we both ended up there!) with ultimately led me to Jeff’s event in Mexico.

Fun to look back at how things are connected and how life has this tendency to move in spirals. We meet the same souls in new ways it seems. The same feeling of passion dressed in new hobbies. The same anger or insecurities pointed at different circumstances, people, or perceived shortcomings. The same love, confidence, and freedom pointed at other facets of life. We experience cycles of energy. There seems to be a certain rhythm to it…


In other exciting news, Øystein Rabbe just ordered his tickets to Zanzibar for some well-deserved time on the island. We have a tendency to get creative when we are together, so I’m excited to see what Zanzibar inspires us to cook up. He’s also interested in buying land here, so we’ll be property-hunting on a tropical island. I mean, life could be worse! 

Wanna live here? Maybe parts of the year?

Together with a little ‘click’ of well-connected and cool people here, I’m now offering an all-in-one, simple real estate service. In combination with my well-established network built up through my family and friends over the last 25 years, we can guide any interested investor through the fairly complicated process of buying property in Zanzibar.

Not to mention get the actual good deals. To be honest, it’s easy to get scammed in Zanzibar. That’s just how it is. Remember, this is a developing part of the world and there are plenty of opportunists here. Unless you’re lucky, you might be used as an ATM machine without knowing about it. If, however, you work with the right people, you can literally make an investment of a lifetime.

I charge 10% of the purchase amount for this service. That’s on the high-end percentage-wise compared to the western established real estate market. I’m telling you upfront. You pay a premium for the premium opportunity and premium service. When it comes to the service, you can trust we do things right, follow through, and actually care. As for the opportunity in Zanzibar, it’s simply amazing. The demand is very high and the supply scarce, so if you want in on the deal of the decade, and you just want it done, and done the right way, 10% of your payment will probably be made back in just months. 

You now have an opportunity to actually make a fantasy come true. You can get what most people barely dare to dream about in life and spend your days how life was meant to be enjoyed; with a coconut in a hammock cuddled by the warm wind in paradise. And on top of that, your property is appreciating in value making you passive income.

That’s a good setup.

Due to Zanzibar’s new investor-friendly financial incentives, yearly growth in visitors by 15-20%, and the general awareness that Zanzibar exists as a refuge for freedom-seekers in a world who’s ‘got the flu’ lately, the prices here are starting to rocket, but still, it’s early and a complete no-brainer bargain for anyone who’s been here and understands the inevitable future value of Zanzibar; A multinational African hub in a tropical wonderland. 

Heaven. In my humble opinion. 

Yes, this life is available for you!

They say, only trust a fat chef. It’s a horrible analogy, in my opinion, because the aim should not be to be fat, but rather healthy. But, the point is that the chef must taste the food, know the food, and have developed their tastebuds. Otherwise, the food is gonna taste like an ass without the chef knowing or caring about it. In this case, you shouldn’t trust a real estate agent who hasn’t invested in property on the island. I personally have invested (a lot) in this particular area and island. I walked the talk and you can trust that I don’t just jump into an opportunity like that without knowing what I’m doing. As you know, I have a nomadic heart and I’ve been around the block (40+ countries) and have had a lot of chances to buy property in other cool places, but there is something with Zanzibar. A strong sense of living in tune with nature. The word ‘grounding’ comes to mind. It’s the perfect size for an island. It has a beautiful balance of ‘island vibe’ and ‘active vibe’ which gives room for both fun, creative hustle, and that relaxed, revitalizing, meditative energy we all seek. It feels like home.


As for the main mission these days; To finish and move into my own bungalow within the summer(!) I’m making progress, and slower than I’m used to. At first, when I got here this time around I was frustrated about the pace of progress. Now, the frustration has passed (which emotions always do) and morphed into excitement for being more involved in the finishing. 

Divine mind is holding my hand through manifesting this dream. It’s amazing. And funny how, if, left to my own devices, I would have continued to outsource all the work and never learned all the cool things there is to learn in building a community hands-on. The feeling I have when I literally dig a fucking hole in the ground is so fulfilling to me it’s ridiculous. And I’m doing all this in the palm of ‘trust’. In grace. From the knower. I have let go of the steering wheel of trying to control everything, and I’m riding slalom in the powder-snow if you know what I mean. I mean, I have to use thinking and ‘the controlling mind’ to act when the opportunity is there, but the opportunity gets handed to me from the whispered behind the noise of fear. It’s whispering; You are safe. The real you can never be hurt. You’ll be fine. You’re taken care of. You can literally do anything because you inherently are the energy that is everything. You are the endless potential itself. The vast void of opportunity at this very moment. Don’t let fear hold you back from anything, because it’s an illusion.

Progress… Next steps are windows and doors!
Digging holes for banana-plants and feeling fulfilled!

Thanks for letting me share. I can’t wait to sit in my own bungalow, listening to the birdsong, in the middle of nature and just write! Expect more from me, and feel free to hold me accountable for it. If you like this, please let me know! I’m human, so I flourish on praise. It gives me motivation. 

<3 Morten 

PS: At the moment, I’m mentoring one leadership trainer in business and mindset, and I’m considering taking in one more client. If you want to get better results, perform more efficiently, and have more fun in your business and your life, I can guide you through the process of becoming aligned and congruent in your dreams and goals and feel ‘as one’ with your vision and mission. Getting a clear understanding of some principles – not only in business but in your success as a whole, has a crucial, massively positive implication in your personal and professional life. There is a way to get better results by stressing less. If you are interested in that one spot available for mentoring, now is the time to act. Hit reply and let me know who you really are… What lights you up, and what you’re looking to achieve.

Morten Hake

Mental Health Coach and Freedom Facilitator Morten Hake is for many known as the most sought after mental health coach for young people struggling with confidence, insecurity, and worry. He's passionate about motivating people to see their true potential and when he's not busy recording podcasts, making films or traveling, he's probably enjoying the stage whether it's a dancefloor or doing keynote speeches at a lifestyle creation event.

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