NPP 003 : In Bed With Virginia

In this episode of the New Paradigm Podcast, I’m doing something a bit different.
You’re joining in on a conversation I had with a brand new friend I met in Spain while visiting my mom and step-dad. This audio-recording was not intended to be a podcast, it just happens that both Virginia (we call her Gini) and I love to record fascinating conversations.

And it wasn’t until later I decided to make it into a podcast. This means you’re kind of getting an unfiltered view into our lives. Maybe I could call it ‘behind the scenes’ even!

NOTE: At this point I haven’t shared the inside-out nature of reality with Gini, though it seems like she points in the same direction from another angle – if that makes sense 😉 

So again, this episode is a bit different than the former two. The sound quality is a bit worse (being recorded in bed with an iPhone), and the content is not always pointing towards a deeper understanding of the inside-out nature of life.

That being said, there’s plenty of space for insights and inspired thoughts to arise.

So Enjoy!

In this special episode we talk about…

  • Polyamory, and how Gini lives a polyamorous life
  • The worlds best school
  • Gini’s identity-theory
  • Money-management the fun way
The New Paradigm Podcast_3

Gini with her happy dog Dora

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