NPP 010 : Janet Lindsay – Access Your Infinite Potential

YES!! We’ve hit the two-digit mark!! Here’s the 10th episode of The New Paradigm Podcast <3

In this episode of the New Paradigm Podcast, I am joined by Three Principles Practitioner, Janet Lindsay (MSoc. Sc., BSc. Psyc, DipSW). 
Janet works with Criminal Justice agencies, developing 3 Principles interventions for female offenders and women from disadvantaged backgrounds and deepening the understanding of supervising officers and managers working with adult and young offenders (source). With her incredible presence and big smile, Janet has a unique ability to be present, responsive and deeply connect with her clients and constantly point to a deeper understanding of the inside-out nature of life – using no techniques or behavioral therapy at all. 
I know I said the last podcast with Rudi was amazing. In danger of repeating myself, this episode really is amazing too haha! We had a great vibe going, and I’m certain you’ll both enjoy it and have priceless ideas and insights during the episode.
Janet’s story is truly amazing. She started off struggling with limited results and 30-40%  compliance from the offenders. After this huge realization, her results skyrocketed to 80% complience and unheard of responses like this one:
  • A women told Janet that if she hadn’t understood these principles she wouldn’t have been here today, because she would have believed the voices in her head telling her to kill herself

Isn’t that incredible?? That proves the power thought can have over us if we misunderstand how reality really works…

In this episode we talk about…

  • Seeing your conditioned thinking for what it is
  • Getting Access Your infinite potential
  • Janet’s story about the lesson she learned when getting irritated on stage
  • What being real really means
  • Being comfortable knowing less and less
  • How our intellect can get in the way of inspired action
  • Janet’s incredible story about being headhunted by previous inmates that originally never wanted any help in the first place

To read more about and contact Lindsay and her work, visit

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PS. There’s a little  noise a couple minutes in, but it’s just for a minute or so 🙂

Morten Hake

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