NPP 008 : Lian Brook-Tyler – Your Inborn Happiness

In this episode of the New Paradigm Podcast, I am joined by coach, founder and editor of Born Happy Lian Brook-Tyler. 

Lian runs and has coached people from every walk of life and has helped them to understand the principles which guide how our minds really work and to wake up to their own incredible inborn happiness. Her own life transformed as a result of understanding these revolutionary principles – long-term chronic pain and stress eased effortlessly – today she runs the organisation Born Happy as a way of sharing this life-changing message with others. For more about Lian and Born Happy, go to


Lian brook-Tyler Morten Hake_

In this episode we talk about…

  • Letting go of control
  • How your happiness being your default setting in life
  • How happiness really IS everywhere.
  • How, and why Lian’s business is growing more effortlessly than ever
  • The “moment of grace”
I believe conducting a podcast is one of the best and most effective ways to connect like-minded people that wants to contribute to a consciousness-shift in this world.

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PS. There’s a little  noise a couple minutes in, but it’s just for a minute or so 🙂

Morten Hake

Mental Health Coach and Freedom Facilitator Morten Hake is for many known as the most sought after mental health coach for young people struggling with confidence, insecurity, and worry. He's passionate about motivating people to see their true potential and when he's not busy recording podcasts, making films or traveling, he's probably enjoying the stage whether it's a dancefloor or doing keynote speeches at a lifestyle creation event.

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