You might already have seen this video, but I want you to go and watch it once more. Here’s the reason….

I know for a fact that many of you struggle with worrying about money. I see how big percentage of my students throughout the years have lots of overthinking and stress around money.

However, money is just a tool. A useful one, might I add. But still just a tool of the trade.

What actually happens when people worry a lot about finances is that they unconsciously begin to create artificial links between how they feel, and their current financial situation.

That’s a trick of the mind.

There is really no link there at all. 

Happily broke, this time in Thailand!

Happily broke, this time in Thailand!

It’s truly unusual. I used to struggle big time with own thinking, to the point that frustration and anger was a daily thing. Now it’s completely upside down. Don’t get me wrong, I do get both frustrated and angry still (a am human, believe it or not!), but it’s way less often, and with way less intense. My overall well-being have completely shifted. Shifted to a whole new paradigm!

However, it seems that way to us in those situations. It certainly looks like that. In those worrisome moments, we tend to try to fix, manage and control our circumstances in order to feel a certain way. Those actions are based on a misunderstanding of where our feelings come from. 

We can only feel our thinking in the moment. Period. This universal fact. This awareness lies under all of my communication to you. It’s the foundational truth that will eventually set you free financially.


Deepening our understanding of that fact changes everything -and I mean everything.

Observing how my mind now is effortlessly picking up new skills, opening up for improvement and not holding myself back anymore, is amazing! It’s truly amazing. I used to struggle big time with own thinking, to the point that frustration and anger was a daily thing. Now it’s


Get your thumb out of your ass, open up your heart chakra, and watch this next video like you would listen to love (yeah, I know, I’m being ridiculous – just trust me).


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Morten Hake

Mental Health Coach and Freedom Facilitator Morten Hake is for many known as the most sought after mental health coach for young people struggling with confidence, insecurity, and worry. He's passionate about motivating people to see their true potential and when he's not busy recording podcasts, making films or traveling, he's probably enjoying the stage whether it's a dancefloor or doing keynote speeches at a lifestyle creation event.

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