NPP 019 : Niko Leppänen – UNLIMITED

Recorded in Sandefjord (9th June, 3 weeks ago) this time on the New Paradigm Podcast is Niko Leppänen!

Niko hasn’t been introduced to the new paradigm for that long, but already he is conducting a huge conference in Helsinki with some of the biggest names within this community.

2 years ago, Niko first started to look into self-development, reading a lot of books and going to workshops. He figured he wanted to bring all of the best speakers and coaches to Finland but for some reason the timing wasn’t right.

After a while he started to read material from Jamie Smart and got some huge realisations about how he already has everything he ever need within him and that the outside circumstances can’t affect him.

After the lifestyle design convention in Zurich he made the decision to conduct a conference himself.

In this inspiring conversation, you will hear about this conference and what you can expect from it. Niko will also share how he felt able to do this when realising boundaries and limitations are a both a part of his imagination.

You will also be revealed the trick that has helped a lot of people get an insight, and hear stories about different people getting it in a very short amount of time.

So enjoy the story of Niko finding a way to get rid of thought created limits and conduct one of the biggest events of the year, Unlimited 2015 in Helsinki.



PS. When writing this, there’s 24 hours left to the FREE webinar with Jamie Smart. Click here to sign up and learn more.


And here are the links to the events and resources we mentioned in the episode:

Unlimited 2015 in Helsinki

Unlimited 2015 Helsinki

The Trust Box membership site

The Jamie Smart Workshop in Oslo

The Innate Health Retreat in Croatia

The Lifestyle Design Convention in Zürich



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