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NPP 028 : Ankush Jain – No One Has Their Shit Together

So this cat has been on a parallel journey with me since the Summit days. I remember Ankush being this friendly, bright-eyed, dare I say quirky smiley fellow at the conference. There were two tells that showed me that this guy will become really successful.

First of all, it was his curiosity. He was not the typical “know it all” guy who was afraid to look unintelligent or ask the stupid questions. Exactly what geniuses do!

Secondly, I will never forget the way he approached me during one of the after-parties. It was really genuine, and it seemed like he went out of his own way, to come up to me, introduce himself and get a genuine compliment through. Pure love. I honestly don’t recall the details of the compliment, but I could feel the force was strong in this one!

Today, Ankush is running a life-transforming business doing podcasts, networking like a pro and is inspiring you to insights to a whole world with his humble and professionally nerdy curiosity. He runs a Facebook Group with a tight grip on quality, for men aspiring to excellence. He has a 46-episode strong podcast series on relationships interviewing the best relationship coaches and experts from around the world on a wide variety of topics around the theme of relationships. He is also well away with 16 episodes of his new podcast series “The Business Series” where he’s continuing to point to our true nature through business and helps us, entrepreneurs, create real value in the world.

It had been years since I last saw Ankush, so it was an absolute pleasure to see him again at the amazing Viva event in Albir.

Join us for a conversation on…

    • In this talk we dive into…
    • ■ How Ankush serendipitously ended up at the conference I did back in 2012 when we first met.
    • ■How The Three Principles totally changed his life.
    • ■Ankush realized the more he started to be honest about personal trials etc, the more he connected with people.
    • ■How No one really has their shit together -and why it matters.
    • ■The more personal, the more universal. He thought he was the only one who had a voice in his head telling him he was not good enough.
    • ■ We talk about pickup, dating, relationship – and how it’s all underpinned by YOU. Your true self. If you’re in your head, it doesn’t matter if you have the best lines. They are as good as you allow them to be.
    • ■The most authentic self is the most attractive self.
  • ■How I’m personally has found myself lately after “running blind” trying to manage a world that seems to go faster, bigger, better and trying to get to the greener patch on the other side, keeping up with the Johnsons and all that jazz.
  • ■ How overthinking is caused by a misunderstanding of how our mind works.
  • ■ You can’t understand this and have it not change you.
  • ■ Why worrying about the world’s problems isn’t going to help change anything.

Do you experience physical pains? Let me know, and I’d love to be of service because I know how hopeless it can feel to not find a remedy.


Morten H. Hake

Morten Hake

Mental Health Coach and Freedom Facilitator Morten Hake is for many known as the most sought after mental health coach for young people struggling with confidence, insecurity, and worry. He's passionate about motivating people to see their true potential and when he's not busy recording podcasts, making films or traveling, he's probably enjoying the stage whether it's a dancefloor or doing keynote speeches at a lifestyle creation event.

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