NPP 029 : Declan Stout – The Art Of Deep listening

This fellow, Declan came up to us during the gala dinner at the Viva Event in Albir, Spain and asked me to interview him because three night ago he had got this message from his wisdom that he simply had to get out in the world… You wanna hear this.

In this short interview, Declan tells about…

  • You’re God – For Fucks Sake, Don’t Play Small About it!
  • His awakening experience of when he realized he is God.
  • How deep listening can help people see their own wisdom and find their own answers in life.
  • Dealing with helping people who think about suicide
  • How to listen deeply
  • The trap of trying to help people and sound reassuring while really engaging in unproductive thinking.

Declan runs a Facebook group with people who donate their time to listen deeply to anyone who wants to be listened¬†to basically. It’s FREE, and you’re more than welcome to join. Here’s the Facebook group.

Morten H. Hake

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