NPP 019 : Niko Leppänen – UNLIMITED

July 1, 2015

Recorded in Sandefjord (9th June, 3 weeks ago) this time on the New Paradigm Podcast is Niko Leppänen! Niko hasn’t been introduced to the new paradigm for that long, but already he is conducting a huge conference in Helsinki with some of the biggest names within this community. 2 years ago, Niko first started to look into self-development, reading a lot of books and going …

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Being Yourself – Quick Chat With Jamie Smart

June 24, 2015

As you know, unless you’re new here (if so, welcome!), Best-selling author and Clarity coach, Jamie Smart is coming to Oslo the 22th – 23nd of August 2015. Here’s a quick video we did a couple days ago. I’ve also posted the transcript if you feel like consuming through text. Transcript: Did you capture that? A really good feeling. We’re travelling to Portugal, and we happened …

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NPP 018 : Kjetil Haugmo – Understanding human nature and why we behave as we do

June 21, 2015
kjetil haugmo

Kjetil has had a leading role in the personal development community in Norway for a decade, and recently spoke at the Elevate Summit, sharing stage with Michael Neill and Mara Gleason, both living legends in the three principles community. Kjetil found himself having to call his mom from prison to tell her he wasn’t coming home for a while…  after being caught selling drugs and ending …

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NPP 017 : Katja Symons – Mind over matter

May 25, 2015

Hi everyone and welcome to 17th episode of The New Paradigm Podcast! Today we have the pleasure of being joined by Katja Symons and boy are we in for a treat! She shares some truly amazing transformational stories from her own life. She tells us the story of how she lived with chronic aches and an autoimmune disease of the Thyroid  for 7 years, and on …

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NPP 016 : Mara Gleason – Keep It Simple

May 19, 2015

Heya! In this episode of the New Paradigm Podcast we were fortunate enough to have Mara Gleason with us in our living room here in Oslo! Mara is the co founder of One Thought, a company sharing the principles behind life based in New York and London. We had a really interesting talk and the podcast turned out great so I’m super stoked to share …

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NPP 015 : The Swiss Roundtable!

May 7, 2015

Allright. Finally I’m up with the podcast again. Having my old computer literally break in two pieces, while simultaneously exploring south-east Asia, it’s been a struggle to get the latest podcasts uploaded for you. However, the wait is worth it! Trust.   In this episode I’m in Switzerland, at Leyla Salvadé‘s beautiful home right after the Lifestyle Design Convention. Together with her, Steve Pavlina, Kai Christen, …

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Creative Book Writing

April 2, 2015

Disclaimer: These are my unfiltered thoughts written down. So please expect accordingly. The post might miss a red line if you know what I mean.   If the book inside me is supposed to come at any point, and not just be an idea, I figured, I gotta start getting used to writing again. I used to write more frequently back when I started my …

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Thoughts About Rejection

December 16, 2014

When realising we’re experiencing life from the inside-out, and not from the outside-in, we can also then understand that what we feel in any given moment, really just is our personal experience created by our thinking in that moment… every time. No exceptions. That means that we actually cannot feel anything other than our experience. Makes sense, right? But hold on, don’t we feel bad because someone …

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NPP 013 : David Andersson – Going Beyond Your Personal Thinking

November 15, 2014

In this episode of the New Paradigm Podcast, we got coach and teacher David Andersson on the call!  David is a mutual friend of Eirik Grunde Olsen from the 7th episode. We’ve been friends on Facebook for a while exploring each other’s content and getting to know one another. I pretty fast realised I had to invite him to the podcast. David runs his business from …

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