Reflecting and Sharing Thoughts Related To The Jamie Smart Workshop In Oslo, August 22-23rd

Freestyling on a way, telling my writing fingers to aim…

It’s summer in Oslo.

Girls skirts get shorter,

everyone’s a little tanner,

a little more flirtatious, a little more spacious, a little more ready, a little more steady, a little more richness in the air of positive vibes, openness and willingness to try, from a willingness to live comes a willingness to kill – off – that old thoughts-of-stickiness, like we’re sick-of-this, we gon’ be shiftin’ this, into a french-kiss!

It’s easier to get these newsletters started when I just goes off like that 🙂

The last couple of days I’ve been wanting to send out a newsletter, though apparently, at the same time, having insecure thoughts about it, and postponing. So that’s why I now decided to just jump into it.

Like jumping into cold water.

Reflecting on this, I again realise it’s not the actual event, like swimming in cold water that’s having us doubt and postpone doing it.

I know this because I know that the act of swimming in cold water is different for everyone. It’s even different at different times for the same person.

In other words. It’s not the act, it’s not the event or circumstance, it’s not the job of sitting down and writing like I’m doing now, that has me have insecure thinking (in any shape or form!)

…but it LOOKS that way sometimes.

It looks almost like I can FEEL the act I’m postponing. And since this human experience is unfolding from within us, no wonder it looks real to us…

This “illusion of life” / our experience, is  simply made perfectly for us to buy into as we go about our days.

Life unfolds in moments. And we have our own experience of these monents.

And as I’m sitting here, and my fingers are typing, I can notice that all of a sudden, it’s fun! It’s effortless. I’m creative and in the flow. Our experience is ever-changing like that. Like fleeting moments where clarity is present under the surface, and sometimes we see it, and other times we don’t.

Really understanding this principle of nature made all the difference for me.

When I’m not seeing it clearly, life seems hard and stressful. Whilst when remembering how my human experience works, life is easy and effortless.

And I notice that, as I’m getting a deeper, more grounded understanding of this, the results on the outside starts reflecting that.

All of a sudden I get things done, not because I’m so forceful that I forced my way through it with willpower, but rather because it just comes naturally to me.

As natural as moving my pupils towards what takes my attention.

As natural as holding my breath as I dive under water.

As natural as every heartbeat. (shoutout to Shogo!)

It just makes sense to me – without much mental boundaries at all.

An attempt to describing it would be saying letting instead of trying.

I’m letting it happen instead of trying to do it. And the cool thing about that is that letting, apparently is way more effective and not to mention fun, lucrative, effortless, loving and accurate.

I see this in how my experience have been regarding my “job”… You know, sharing from the heart, inspiring, publishing content, promoting transformational workshops etc. and just learning about myself, life and finding these “hacks” or insights to up the quality of my experience, so I can share with you…

It’s a trippy process.

The more I learn, the more I realise it’s nothing to learn. Rather become aware of.

It’s less of a process of searching, and more a process of noticing.

As you know, these days I’m promoting the Jamie Smart workshop in Oslo…

So, seeing the true value of the awareness I’ve gained during his workshops in my own life, my job naturally becomes to be of service to you – doing my best to convey, describe, persuade, inspire and guide you to attend the workshop as well. I call it a job, simply because it’s one of my sources of income.

The honest truth is that I’ve been recommending Jamie’s products and services to anyone I meet who’s struggling with insecure thinking, ever since I experienced the transformation of awareness myself two years ago.

And that’s independently of being affiliated with him or not.

I wrote “Job”. I might as well have written my daily life, vacation, or just being.

Having a more accurate understanding of how my experience is working, has the implication of feeling like being on vacation while “working”.

I gotta pinch my arm every time I take a look around and observe the life I’m living. I could never have guessed that it could be like this.

I would have never guessed!

Life is way better than I thought it could ever be. It can be challenging sometimes, sure. That’s part of being human. I’m pointing towards something else entirely.

I’m pointing towards a new, improved relationship with every moment I have! However challenging or not. It’s absolutely mind boggling to me, that I used to suffer so much, from just a tiny misunderstanding.

A little “error” had me struggle so much. A very simple, fixable error.

From just understanding something I hadn’t understood up until then, a lightbulb was turned on. AHA! Really?! Is it THAT simple?!

From there on, I saw everything in a more clear light. Every interaction, every thought passing, every decision, everyone I meet, every conversation I have – it’s all massively improved!

And people are attracted to me more than ever and are more curious than ever.

It’s like seeing a new, beautiful color – then trying to explain the new color to someone who’s not seeing it yet. It’s almost like a sport now, finding new words, angles, perspective, metaphors and ways to describe and tune into that space of insight. I like it. A lot!

I made a video reflecting on this.  I pulled up the camera, which is something I’m inspired to do more of, and it became this.



PS: I wanna get your feedback on an idea Darko brought up yesterday. Would you be interested in joining me, Katja Symons, Darko Prieg and only six other attendees for an exclusive retreat on a sailboat in the sunny Mediterranean sea for a full week, having life-altering insights as we explore this new paradigm of understanding and getting served Croatian entrés, sail around, and swimming in, crystal-blue, warm water?

This, again is only in the idea phase, so I wanna get a feel of interest from you. Write an email til [email protected] and add the subject line “Sailboat Retreat” and we’ll talk about it.

PPS: If you haven’t allready, go sign up for my newsletter (below) and read my mini-report where I go in depth and elaborate more on this one insight I had at Jamie’s workshop (NB! I haven’t gotten around to change the dates of the workshop in the PDF yet, I know, hakuna matata, mañana, mañana)

Morten Hake

Mental Health Coach and Freedom Facilitator Morten Hake is for many known as the most sought after mental health coach for young people struggling with confidence, insecurity, and worry. He's passionate about motivating people to see their true potential and when he's not busy recording podcasts, making films or traveling, he's probably enjoying the stage whether it's a dancefloor or doing keynote speeches at a lifestyle creation event.

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