Thoughts About Rejection

When realising we’re experiencing life from the inside-out, and not from the outside-in, we can also then understand that what we feel in any given moment, really just is our personal experience created by our thinking in that moment… every time. No exceptions.

That means that we actually cannot feel anything other than our experience.

Makes sense, right?

But hold on, don’t we feel bad because someone rejects us for example?

Actually no.

Sometimes we feel bad WHEN someone rejects us. That is not the same as feeling bad BECAUSE someone rejects us. See, rejection in itself is just a made-up thing.

It’s nothing just as much as it is something.

Think about it..

What is rejection?

The word ’no’?

Some flesh-vehicle (humans) not accepting another flesh-vehicle’s offer?

Turns out there is no definite answer to what rejection really is.


Because the idea of rejection only exists in our thought-generated experience. We’re just perceiving a sensation, then we go and automatically label it on something outside of our own experience because it looks so vivid and real for us in that moment.

That’s when we start falsely believing that “I feel bad because she rejected me”

When in reality, 100% of your feelings of being rejected comes from 100% of your thinking in the moment.

…You’re constantly, every living moment of your life – feeling 100% of your thoughts taking form in the moment – and nothing else. How you feel right now shows you the content of your thinking right now.

Remembering/realising that on a fundamental level will have it’s implications in your life bigger than you can probably imagine right now.

Say for example you for whatever reason blame the weather for your bad mood. You might go ahead and say “it is the weather that gives me this bad mood”. However, what we’ve learned is more accurate is that we can only understand our own experience because, well, it’s all we’ve got.

In other words, you’re feeling your personal experience of the weather. Not the weather in itself.

Science has shown that it takes a tiny bit of time before our circuits and neuro-transmitters has done it’s job, so whatever you perceive in any given moment has by definition already happened.

Since we’re both creating AND perceiving our experience at the same time, we don’t notice that we’re the ones creating it. Our human experience is set up perfectly for us to buy into it all the time. It’s how we work from nature.

This means that rejection in it self is not an absolute. It’s not a labeled box with the same content in every time. You cannot FEEL a rejection directly. You can only feel your thought-generated experience of what’s happening.

That’s also why we can put X amount of people in the same situation, and they will ALL respond differently.

Sometimes when I get rejected I completely buy into the illusion taking it personally thinking there must be something wrong with me etc. Most times now though, it no longer makes sense for me to keep focusing and trying to figure out the feeling of being rejected or what to do about it.

I simply understand that I’m just feeling my thinking in the moment. I also understand that thoughts come and go like the weather, so sooner or later, I’ll feel something else since new thoughts will arise.

Your mind naturally self-corrects when we don’t notice.

Yes, it’s THAT simple.

The map is not the territory. The map is the map. No matter how much you draw on the map, it will never change the actual territory.

Understanding this will help your mind let go of the notion that you need to DO anything to change how you feel.

We’re experts at boxing in and labelling stuff we have no clue about. For whatever reason it seems we’re afraid of not knowing things, so we quickly label new thoughts that comes to us, so that we can say “yes, I know that! That’s a ‘rejection!'” for example. I’m here to tell you it’s OK to not know anything for sure at all.

Not only is it OK, but if you study how far scientists have come now, you start realising that the most advanced, most intelligent and badass scientist are baffled by the realisation of how little we actually know. They’re still struggling to map out 95.1% of the total content of the universe.

Do you understand what that means? For the time being we simply don’t have the imaginary capacity to even start mapping out, let a lone understand on a deep level 95.1% of what the hell is going on in the first place! lol! This is why you see top scientists humbled by the massive scale of what we don’t know.

And remember, the science is done by humans. Humans working under a pretty young understanding of life considering we have only been able to observe 4.9% of what’s out there… so these scientist actually didn’t know 95% of what the hell is going on either. Then the question becomes, what do they know in the first place?

So even though we know a lot, we also don’t know shit.

Here’s the cool and trippy part though. You and me both know that sometimes we just know that something is true. When something is resonating with us strongly, for whatever reason we experience this “knowing without knowing” state. I’m talking about those times you can easily create hundreds of excuses not to do a thing, but STILL there’s a silent, more grounded truth behind all the insecure thinking that manage to inspire and move you in the right direction.

This state seems to be an incredible guiding system. It’s like this grounded feeling comes with information to how you can best navigate your life. And it happens apparently more often times when we’re not trying to manage our thinking. All of a sudden, at the least expected moment it hits you with clarity. You know exactly what to do, and you feel confident about it.

People can ask you “how do you know that?!”, and the most natural response you have is “I don’t know how I know. I just know it. 100%”.

Sometimes we feel inspired to share this experience, and sometimes the original clarity fades away in words, writing, misunderstandings and people taking things personally. Before you know it, an inspired thought coming from one persons insight has turned into a battle of two flesh-vehicles blaming each other trying to hold on to their own labels and boxes.

Other times people resonate with the words and writing. They’re in a good vibe, and their ‘ego’ (the box-and-label-manager) is not so much in the way. Their mind is clear and there is space for fresh, new thinking. That’s an insight. That’s AHA-moments. Very simply new thoughts we haven’t had or considered before. For every insight you have, it’s like your levelling up your map of how life works.

In a split-second you can go from a old-ass cartoon-map to a high-tech 2015 unreleased-to-the-public voice recognition-able, road-recognition-able, traffic-recognition-able, intuitive artificial intelligent world class navigation system where you can just chill out in the backseat of your own experience knowing it is all fine.

If that isn’t magic, then I don´t know what is.



Morten Hake

Mental Health Coach and Freedom Facilitator Morten Hake is for many known as the most sought after mental health coach for young people struggling with confidence, insecurity, and worry. He's passionate about motivating people to see their true potential and when he's not busy recording podcasts, making films or traveling, he's probably enjoying the stage whether it's a dancefloor or doing keynote speeches at a lifestyle creation event.

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