What if I told you that you might be buying into an illusion right now…

You are living the human experience. Obviously.

But what does that mean? This article might be a bit trippy, but see if you can follow. If you can’t that might even be better (for reasons I will do my best to explain).

28th of December 1895, the Lumiére brothers exhibited a selection of ten of their single-reel films to a paying audience at a Parisian cafe. One of those films were the following…

This might be hard for you to wrap your head around, but when this film was shown, the first-night audience fled the cafe in terror, fearing being run over by the “approaching” train.

That sounds completely ridiculous, right?

Well, take into consideration that none of them had ever witnessed anything like motion picture before, it might be more understandable.

The people watching the Lumiére brothers film misunderstood what was real and what wasn’t. They bought into an illusion. It is easy for us to see that today, because we have a broader understanding of motion picture. We KNOW it’s an illusion. We can still enjoy and experience a good movie, but deep down inside, we know it’s not REAL. It’s easy for us to laugh at them, and think that WE would never buy into that illusion, but…

What if I told you you are buying into an illusion right now?!

The power of thought

See we experience life as human beings. And our experience is created by human thoughts (both the thoughts you realize you have, and the subconscious thoughts). If you didn’t  have the ability to think, you wouldn’t experience the human experience of life that you are experiencing now.

If you were a whale, you would have a completely different experience.

If you were a fly, you would have a completely different experience.

If you were a cell, you would have a completely different experience.

Did you know there are insects that can see different colors than we can! Try to imagine that. Try to imagine a color you’ve never seen before. You can’t because you only have the human lense through which you experience life. Try to think of a thought that is outside of your thinking. You can’t because by nature you were given the human experience which consists of certain types of thoughts.

Cats and dogs can only see two colors. Imagine if they could understand human language, and it was your assignment to show them that there is more to life than what they’re experiencing. It would be pretty hard using words, right?


You were given THOUGHT to experience life through your thoughts. How cool is that?! Not only that, but you were given consciousness to be aware that you’re thinking as well! How trippy can one experience of life be!! hahaha

In other words, you are not experiencing the full reality of life. You are experiencing your illusion. Makes sense?

“Thought creates the world and then says ‘I didn’t do it’” ~ David Bohm, Quantum physicist

So why do I tell you all this? Well, since we’re all experiencing our thoughts in the moment, that also means that we are FEELING our thoughts in the moment. But since the illusion is so convincing we tend to misunderstand and blame something outside ourselves for our feelings – when it’s actually coming from the inside. From our thinking in the moment.

Read that last paragraph again. When you realize on a deeper level that you’re feeling your thinking in the moment – and only that – all the stuff ‘out there’ becomes less frightening. It’s like the burden evaporates, and all the problems that used to look big tend to loose their weight.



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