What I Learned From Not Having A Phone For 6 Months

Just got off talking to Knut on Skype. I love talking to good friends about how our lives are shaping, what ideas are on the platter lately and where we wanna take our lives and business going further. So I wanted to share some thoughts with you about how I’m thinking these days, and what kind of inspired ideas I’m carrying around lately.

This picture is taken the very evening I lost my phone

This picture is taken in the back of a Tuk-Tuk, the very evening I lost my phone in Thailand

6 months ago, back in Thailand, I lost my phone, and after realising my “Find My IPhone” was not turned on, I just let it be there in Chiang Mai. I actually got accustomed to not having a phone really fast. It took 6 months for me to finally get a new one, which is today, actually. It’s pretty nice to have a phone again and be available. However, being without a phone for a while has let me easier reflect on my life and what kind of empire I’m creating next 😉 

I wanna get hardcore back to producing and publishing. I have this grand vision, that I want to share with you today. Not saying I will. But I want to at least. Lol, you see, condensing my vision into a specific sentence is something I find difficult, and frankly don’t care much about. So a better approach for me is to drip it out in unfiltered thoughts. I see my vision in a different way. I see it more like a feeling. So I’ll rather do my best to communicate my experience right now and where I’m pointing, and in doing so, hopefully you’ll resonate and have your own insights guiding you on your way.

So for any square-boxed-thinkers;

tits or gtfo

Ever since I dropped out of college to dove into creating my own thriving lifestyle, based on my own ideas, values and desires, I’ve been super connected to always having a smartphone with me. I’m super quick with my fingers, and my head works the same way. Steve Jobs definitely made it easier for visionaries like myself to escape the 9-5 job, and create a custom-sewed 4-hour workweek lifestyle much more efficiently. RIP Jobs (pun intended). 

Not saying I have the Tim Ferris lifestyle, but I am. (Lol, had to stop after “I am”.) I mean, I do live a privileged lifestyle that I’m super-grateful for. I might not have much more than a “krølla femtilapp yo” in my pocket at the moment, or “rags” if you will, but I got riches;

Spain Car Friends Backpackers Lifestyle

In Spain, packed up in a van on our way to Gibraltar

I love. Love for my homies, my family, You. And most of the time, my love for life in general is comfortably blinding me from listening to haters, failure, depression and other “small-thinking ideas” that’s running through my experience.

But it’s interesting, because I’ve put myself in a situation where my ideas are listened to by a whole army of people. I’m aware of this. And to be completely honest with you, it’s scary. Why? Because I’m human. I’m “flawed”. I’m imperfectly perfect. I have a huge ego for one thing. I mean, c’mon, The Morten Hake Summit…?! What a self-proclaimed proper douce would start a conference called that, some would say. And I can agree. I’ve realised I am a self-proclaimed proper douce. A part-time proud one, might I add!

I like to be in the spotlight. I like the attention. I like getting paid just to show up. I like being heard. And I like having hot chicks chasing me from around the world.. Come on, what 28 year old guy wouldn’t like that?!

I know my BIG WHY, and I know who I am. Duchy or not. Nothing else matters.

From the website of the 4th annual Morten Hake Summit

At times I have insecure thinking. I have thoughts like “What am I trying to prove?” “Why am I doing all this?” “Who am I trying to convince!?” “Put down the Apple products and get a Stiff Job (pun)”

But then the force of life kicks in. POAW, and I’m back to being ‘da baws’. Which is my way of saying I’m back to seeing things more clearly, feeling OK, letting whatever happens happen, and doing my best with whatever life gives me. Basically doing me.

I mean, GUAPA SENIORITAS! Life gave me Earth! Made in Norway – just that fact in itself is already winning the gold. I might as well make the best of it. I got the potential to contribute. So I will. The way I believe I can.

At 28, I still feel like the kid I was, running around in Sandefjord exploring and pushing edges with the homies. And I hope for the death of me, that I’ll never stop. Pushing edges, and trying new things is in my blood. I’ve been spoon-fed, and have spoon-fed myself, with ideas that push the envelope. Pushing myself to think bigger. Inspecting ideas of excellence. Actually considering the creative, different, unusual, weird, abnormal, rare, twisted, out of the ordinary ideas that pop up.

I like to think I’ve trained myself to look at the opposite spectrum of what’s obvious.

To me, exploring the unknown in myself is a service to humanity. My inspired spirit never settles. Settling doesn’t make sense to me. Like putting a lid on curiosity. Metaphorically like forcing Beethoven, Einstein, Martin Luther King, and Michael Jackson all at the same time to lie down in fatal position and start pissing. To me, it’s waste of time.

Pushing edges, and curiously exploring what’s possible is what makes sense to me. This weird blog post included. That being said, I also recognize the fact that I can only see what makes sense to me, based on my current understanding of how life works. So please don’t bother yourself to be offended in any way if you differ from my opinions. It just means that, in this moment, we have two different experiences. Still deuces <3

And to be completely honest with you, it feels like my mind shifts so fast lately between what makes sense and not, that I confidently know that I don’t know. I’m noticing in general that my focus lately is shifting from trying to know everything, to rather share my experience of life. Which blends perfectly with the next paragraph…

One of the HUGE lessons I’ve learned not having a phone, is listening more to my self. My heart, that inner voice coming from me.

The voice that has been with me since birth.

Listening to myself.

You know, the voice, or force if you will, that always knows the best for us. Our common sense.

Wether it’s in the background of our minds, like a silent, beautiful violin playing next to a noisy mess, or if it’s a clear, loud projection filling our entire being. A part of us always knows that..

We already are what we seek.

We don’t have to do anything.

However, we can do anything.

There’s no should other than what’s happening here and now.

A part of me always knew this. Now, I know this. Again.

It mostly inspires me. But it also confuses me, and in shitty times, it disappoints me. And shitty times can get more shitty, when ruminating and inspecting the shit.

Someone said:

“What’s that white spot on top of that bird-shit over there? -Also bird-shit”

Get it?

You get it.

Just like you, I have my journey. My “hero’s journey”.

We’re all the main character in our own movie sort of speak. This life really is about you. And you only. We’re all alone – together. It’s our separateness that connects us.

We share life – individually.

The power of sharing is the power of a unique perspective. The power of a unique perspective holds the power of life in it’s whole. Life-force. One person’s perspective is just as legit as the next one’s – simply because the perspective in itself comes from the same source. Trust this, and the world is yours.

If I were to know how to put my vision in words, it would look something like this…

I want to inspire with sharing my perspective. Really inspire, not just motivate, but really share my feeling of life with you. This feeling I’m feeling. I wanna share how I view opportunities, moments, people and life in general. I want you to see for yourself, how ridiculously awesome you actually, factually are! Which gives me a justified reason to walk the talk, and find the coolness in my self. Showing up unapologetically. Walking the talk. Doing me to the best of my ability. Show what’s possible for me. Through me. To you. For You. For Me. 

We’re allowed to show off our experience. We’re allowed to do whatever our hearts desire.

Just saying.

Thought creates experience

Thought creates experience

Really, the only thing that can ever hold us back from our desires, is insecure thinking. And insecure thinking comes from a simple misunderstanding of where our experience is coming from. In the moments we unconsciously exclude thought in the equation of our experience, we’re buying into an illusion. The illusion of life – which is cool. It’s apparently supposed to be like that. But knowing. I mean really understanding, on a fundamental level, that our experience is always. Always. ALWAYS created from inside, cripples a tower of superstitious thinking about what makes us insecure. It is actually never anything out there. Never ever, ever, anything other than that insecure thinking is running through our minds in that moment.

– And what’s cool about thought, is that it’s a fleeting thing. New, fresh thoughts and feelings comes along all the time. You’re in good hands. Fortunately, you come from nature, just like the rest of us. And being from nature, you’re equipped with… with LIFE. Your default setting IS that neutral existence of love, curiosity, OK-ness og cal it just ‘being’. You know exactly what I talk about, because you’re there right now. Remember that when you’re feeling bad. It’s not what you think about, it’s simply the fact that you think.

So what exactly did I learn from not having a phone for 6 months? Other than seeing my daily social media engagement dropped a digit or two, I’ve noticed I’ve had more downtime. Downtime to reflect, and downtime run with creativity in the moment. Instead of checking my phone, I’ve picked up the guitar. I’ve started writing in my journal. I’ve been making beats. I’ve been writing raps. I’ve written poems. Stuff like that. So if you want some spice in your life. Some variety, feel free to smash you phone.



PS. I love writing these rants. It’s like an outlet for me. Therapy almost. I have tons of written thought-rants laying around on my computer, but my second-guessing often steals the show before I ever publish… Therefore, I’m humbly asking you for your support. If you like these kinds of blog posts, please let me know by commenting or sharing, so I can get a feel if you enjoy them or not. 

Morten Hake

Mental Health Coach and Freedom Facilitator Morten Hake is for many known as the most sought after mental health coach for young people struggling with confidence, insecurity, and worry. He's passionate about motivating people to see their true potential and when he's not busy recording podcasts, making films or traveling, he's probably enjoying the stage whether it's a dancefloor or doing keynote speeches at a lifestyle creation event.

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