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There must be some writing here.

In Medias res. Just came off the chat with Mr. Johannessen and the wire is hot. There must be some writing here. Make a fool of yourself. Put your fingers on the keyboard. I trust the love will swipe us off our feets as we start moving our legs in a direction. Or in this […]

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I Love Having You With Me!

It seems that if I pull up the camera – pretty much anywhere on Zanzibar, it will capture magic…. Put some music on that and POW! I know I haven’t fully followed the 30-Day content challenge I sat out to complete. But you know what. Fuck that. Fuck being perfect. There is no perfect. Thanks […]

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Welcome to My Second Home!

Right now I don’t have that much time to write, but here’s the first of many parts of a small documentary I’ve made from my trips to Zanzibar. This is the village I love so much, and have alot of history with, and this is the place I’m going to create the worlds leading festival […]

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The First Day of My life.

What is your best day of your life? This is mine. I have visualised it since I was a kid. Consciously. Although to forget in a way – to rediscover. Woke up today at this beautiful spot we found yesterday on the camp4you app. We’ve been packing the last couple of days to move out […]

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Ahoy! Hop aboard.

We have a desire to please. A desire to express love in the deepest, most profound way, while at the same time be somewhat of a normal human being.  Life comes like a quadrillion lemons at the speed of light, lemonade is just the tip of the iceberg.   Love, at first sight, happens in a […]

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