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This post has only one purpose

Following up on a 365-day challenge has proven itself to be hard already. Now, as you know, I’m in Zanzibar again and the daily life here is very different than what is normal in western world. Yesterday, the electricity in the whole village stopped. Today it’s the water. That said, I could have done that […]

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Back in Zanzibar with the homies

I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long, long time. The three of us have shared so many stories, been to so many places together and enjoyed much of what this planet has to offer. This time, finally I’m fortunate to grateful to be able to share, probably the richest culture I’ve come across. […]

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…for anyone who wants to create a freedom business

Back in 2010 when I ran the Morten Hake Summit with Knut Johannessen, we reached out to all personal development blogs, online magazines and companies, coaches, therapists etc to build relationship with all and anyone who wanted to listen to our vision of contributing to a better communication between the sexes and help men grow […]

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