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NPP 027 : Dave Kibby – There’s Only One Thing Going On

This was so interesting that I had to call him up – and let me tell you, I am glad I did! We had a beautiful conversation. Dave has an unapologetic and strong ability to point to the truth of life. If you pay attention, get rid of distractions, sit down, relax and enjoy this episode as you would enjoy a new album of your favorite artist, you might very well see an entirely new paradigm of understanding. Of understanding life. It’ll change how you relate to your body, your moment to moment experience. Trivial or profound.

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NPP 026 : Jan Bück – Aligning yourself with the wind

Good day, you lovely being! In this episode of The New Paradigm Podcast I am joined by a good friend, one of my earlier students and an avid podcast listener, Jan Bück. He’s had an amazing personal transformation in his life that coincidentally started after a breakup he had with his ex-girlfriend a few years ago. [...] Read More

NPP 024 : Tony Broadbent – What Makes All The Difference

In this episode of The New Paradigm Podcast Morten is guested by Tony Broadbent, a Transformative State of Mind and Performance Specialist who came from a background in NLP and is now spreading this new paradigm of understanding to the world, with a diverse range of clients including sports professionals, business leaders, sales teams, entrepreneurs, […]

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NPP 023 : Lucy Bainbridge – Life Is Taking Care Of You

On today’s episode of The New Paradigm Podcast, Morten is guested by Lucy Bainbridge, a life transformation coach and clarity practitioner and founder of Her aim is to help people with addictive behaviour find their purpose and live happily, free of dependency. Lucy used to live the wild life including drugs, alcohol and cigarettes for […]

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Imperfectly Perfect

It’s easy to go hard on oneself. Personally, I’m world-class at it.  I have big dreams, like too-big-for-my-own-good type of dreams – and deep down inside I know with unshakable confidence that anything I set my mind to really is possible. As romantic or glories as that might sound, it’s quite the trick of the […]

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NPP 022 : Elaine Hilides – Health Is An Inside Job

Today I guested by Three Principles Trainer, Diet and Nutrition Advisor and Raw Food Coach Elaine Hilides.  Elaine has worked in the wellbeing and weight loss field for over a decade and has helped hundreds of clients get the life and body that they want. in 2013, she published the book ‘MindFullness: The No-Diet Diet Book’ which […]

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