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NPP 024 : Tony Broadbent – What Makes All The Difference
In this episode of The New Paradigm Podcast Morten is guested by Tony Broadbent, a Transformative State of Mind and[...]
Confidence – Why You Cannot NOT Be Confident
In this video I point to the "not-always-so-clear" fact that confidence is inborn. Which means you are confident. Whether you believe it[...]
You might already have seen this video, but I want you to go and watch it once more. Here’s the[...]
NPP 023 : Lucy Bainbridge – Life Is Taking Care Of You
On today's episode of The New Paradigm Podcast, Morten is guested by Lucy Bainbridge, a life transformation coach and clarity[...]
Imperfectly Perfect
It’s easy to go hard on oneself. Personally, I’m world-class at it.  I have big dreams, like too-big-for-my-own-good type of[...]
NPP 022 : Elaine Hilides – Health Is An Inside Job
Today I guested by Three Principles Trainer, Diet and Nutrition Advisor and Raw Food Coach Elaine Hilides.  Elaine has worked in the[...]

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