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Waddup fellow ‘stardust-turned-homo-sapiens’?!

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Yesterday I ‘wrote out’ a bit about my endeavors from 2007-2013. It’s really just the tip of the iceberg, to be honest. So, to continue my train of thought from yesterday, I had a huge realization about who I really am. The nature of ME. And this realization pulled the rug from beneath who I thought I was and it only made sense to re-evaluate my life. See, I had been chasing the shiny objects for a long time. I mean, I had been trying to be in perfect shape, make lots of money, wear the coolest clothes, be a ‘good boy’, succeed with dating, coaching, public speaking, and online marketing. All of that is fine – and I did it for the cause of feeling good, and making others feel good by having a positive impact and inspire.

Pay close attention to your feeling

Nothing wrong about that. And I did a great job – however, I did a great job of missing the target. Spot off! ha ha! I’ll explain… There’s a ‘secret’ we all knew from birth but lost sight of in the midst of life…

Pay real close attention. Not to these words, but to a feeling. In you. Either you continue reading and miss this invitation of seeing something new for yourself, by saying ‘I already know this’, or you wake up now, fall back to this moment with a fresh, clear mind and let a new insight, a new feeling wash over you and give you peace.

What I saw back then was that I could never experience anything other than my thinking. Ever. Thought is the missing link. If we don’t understand the nature of thought, we suffer more than we have to. We mistakenly believe it’s the job, the money, the success – or lack thereof – that is the cause of how we feel. It’s not. It looks and feels that way for us humans in this human experience. But it’s not. We must have a thought about anything before we feel anything.

An accurate understanding of mental health can transform your entire worldview and thereby, your relationships, your behavior and your state of consciousness for the better.

The simple fact that we think can look obvious at first glance. “Of course we think, your intellect might say”… But there’s a deeper, more real YOU I’m talking to.

I’m not concerned about your intellect – or mine for that matter. I’m more interested in seeing and feeling truth. There’s endless potential waiting for us in between the formless nature of life and the form of our experience. There’s real implications of understanding and seeing this.

Before we apparently label anything, everything is available.

And you know what? When we allow our true nature to come to the surface, we don’t worry. We naturally handle what’s in front of us at that very moment. We’re in the flow. In the moment. We’ve all been there, and we have all heard countless stories from people talking about being in the flow, whether it’s while surfing, playing football, skating or picking up that chick so smoothly. They all say; “I didn’t have that much going on in my thinking”

Picking up girls Morten HakeWhy is that? Simple. Its because there is very little interference from idea popping in from the ether – to taking action on that idea. There’s no contracting feeling in between. There’s not a conditioned idea about self-esteem or confidence in the way bottlenecking the flow. We just are. We just a are life. Unfolding naturally in the moment. Simple. Natural. And that’s who we really are. That’s a law of nature. There really is no separation. It just looks that way.

I had to re-evaluate my entire life

So. When I realized this, I got stopped in my tracks. At this point, I ran this world-renowned international dating conference. I ran a high-ticket, intensive action-based coaching program and I had a cluster of routines, methods, and applications which I juggled around to find the perfect state to be in, so I would feel on top. So people would like and love me and I could be recognized so that I could recognize and love myself. Of course, I wouldn’t admit that to myself back then, but my whole house of cards was built on the idea that feeling good was to be attained from the outside. It was a lot to manage on a daily basis, but I handled it like a boss. And I held a lot of my pride in that. As most people knew me or knew about me before I went into any given room, I could keep my illusion and house of cards up with a false sense of security for a long time.

Again, when I realized my true nature, I got stopped in my tracks. It turned out the feeling of success didn’t come from the notion that my life looked successful on the outside. The feeling of happiness didn’t come from hooking up with a good looking girl. The feeling of self-love didn’t come from others looking up to me.

lo’ and behold, the feeling didn’t even know what my circumstances looked like. And THAT’S a game changer. As humans, we point to something and we say ‘this thing makes me feel this way’. Whilst that is an innocent misunderstanding of how our mind works. Reality actually works the other way around. 180 degrees in the opposite direction. Feelings are like the weather. They come and go, and we point them at things after the fact. Meanwhile, mental fitness and bliss is always waiting for our minds to clear.

Letting go

Morten Hake Rainbow Castle Alahurin De La Torre

So if I’m not feeling the content of my thinking. What’s the point of doing anything, really? This was a real question I had to ask myself. I started to see my life from a birds perspective if you know what I mean. Then I slowly had to let go of the cards that held my “house of success” up. I let go of more and more in my life. Superficial relationships, things (over 100 personal development books amongst so much more), goals, plans. I felt like I was reborn and had to rediscover my life again. But not as in an active effort, but more as letting go. Letting go of all the cognitive, conditioned structures of ideas I had been carried around with me. This time around, I was letting the steering wheel go, and let the chips fall…

Loads of clutter on my mind was lifted from me, and I started to live more freely and give more of a fuck than ever. Too much so that the pendulum swung too far and I ended up in the worst condition in my life.

I tell you all about that and my quest of “losing all hope was freedom” and how I bounced back from rock bottom in tomorrows article.

Much Love and thanks for reading!







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